How to Clean Dog Pee Out of Carpet

How to Clean Dog Pee Out of Carpet

One from the major problems of pet owners occurs when the beloved pet left something for the carpet or rug. Dog and cat owners are seeking ways to remove dog pee or cat pee from their rugs and carpets.¬†Fresh urine is simpler to take out than dried and old dog and cat pee. Here’s how to get rid of dog pee and cat pee from the rug.

If the cat and dog pee remains wet, then dry it first. Drain it using paper towels. Put a lot of paper towels on top of the region wet with the urine, the paper towels will endeavor to absorb just as much as it can.

Once you have removed the pee, then you’ve to eliminate dog pee smell. You can make your individual solution you will be spraying around the affected region. You can use white vinegar solution, by mixing 50% of water and 50% of apple cider vinegar.

You can spray the perfect solution is around the affected area. You may also work with a sponge and squeeze the perfect solution is over the spot while using urine. The vinegar will act about the ammonia left with the pet urine.

After applying the perfect solution, you’ll be able to rinse the rug or carpet by spraying it with water. Use paper towels again to blot or remove the excess water.

When the spot has already been without any the smell, then it is possible to dry it already. With clean towels, place it over the spot and set a couple pounds on it. This will allow water on the lower portion with the carpet or rug to get completely absorbed with the towel. When it is dry enough, you can operate a vacuum over it to fully dry the area.

You must also clean the flooring underneath the rug to perform remove dog pee smell. Rinse the floor using a combination of dish soap and water. Completely dry the bottom before laying down the rug again.

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