Stop Your Dog From Urinating All Over the House

Stop Your Dog From Urinating All Over the House

If you have a dog, you understand one of the many problems that come with owning one: the issue from it peeing or urinating all over your house. They say that dogs need proper potty training so they stop peeing at home, this really is not entirely true. Read this article to find out more on the that you can do to finally have your property free from pee everywhere.

First of you must realize why your pet dog has been doing it in the house. It it doing the act of marking its territory. Imagine that there is a friend using a pet understanding that friend will visit you first day.

Dogs possess a keen sense of smell, much superior compared to humans. Once it feels threatened by a different one regarding territory invasion, he likes to make it clear until this is owned by him. Hence marking the area by peeing onto it. Now regardless of what dog enters your own home, they understand not to play around with the owner of the house, aka the master dog.

One of the items you can not do is punish him with this behavior. Try to understand that dogs are not humans and their mind works diversely. The dog has no idea what is happening and what he did wrong to warrant that punishment. What that you can do instead is use positive reinforcement. This works with a number of other issues you want him to accomplish rather than what you are doing at this time.

Another option may found to work is to distract your pet right before noticing that he’s gonna pee in your floor. You need to distract him for enough time to take him out of the home where they can undertake it unencumbered.

Make a strong noise having a shaker can so the dog will suddenly give consideration and tend to forget about his original intention on marking your carpet or floor. You can make such a shaker can through employing a plastic bottle and throwing in some coins or pebbles, then closing the lid. This has been very efficient to help distract your new puppy just enough to consider him in time.

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